©2014 Bruno Col/World Vision

Pray for the Central African Republic

Thousands have died and more than a million people have been displaced because of renewed conflict in the Central African Republic.
©2013 Anthony Luk/World Vision

The gift of prayer

PRAYING THROUGH PHOTOS: Just as God is with those in distant places, he is also with us, continually drawing us to himself through prayer.
  • Prayer

    Pray for peace

    Pray for places around the world today where peace is in desperately short supply.
  • Protecting children through prayer

    Each day, hundreds of millions of children suffer sexual exploitation, labor in hazardous conditions, or struggle to survive on the streets. Here’s how you can pray for these children.
  • Prayer

    Pray for the hungry

    Join us this month in praying for those who are hungry and those working to feed them.