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Rwanda: 20 years later

In 1994, Rwanda was as ruined as any spot on earth after an implosion of violence killed 800,000 people in 100 days. How could the country ever overcome such hatred and horror?
  • Fighting gangs' consuming fire

    Gang warfare and high murder rates make El Salvador a perilous place to live. World Vision’s programs not only provide a way out of poverty; they also promote youth-focused community programs.
  • Pray for peace between Israelis and Palestinians

    Pray for children and families affected by recent violence.
  • From dependence to dignity

    In northern Tanzania lives a village of farmers and livestock breeders who used to keep one eye on their grazing animals and the other skyward — watching for rain. Today, they are focusing downward, feet planted firmly on rich soil, reworking their lives shovel by shovel.
  • Once a dust bowl, now a place of plenty

    The hunger crisis of 30 years ago is remembered but unlikely to repeat in Ethiopia’s Antsokia Valley, thanks to work and community engagement.
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God expects nothing less

Right ideas at the right time are saving lives.
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Return on investment

Where Are They Now
Success for an accountant in Zambia began with sponsorship.
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Children of the brothel

SPECIAL REPORT: In Bangladesh, World Vision provides a refuge for children trapped in the sex-trade environment and weaves a safety net.