Healing Hearts in Rwanda

In 1994, Rwanda was ruined as any spot on earth. Only a miracle could heal the hatred and horror that remained.

Photo by Jon Warren
©2013 Jon Warren/World Vision

Children of the brothel

In Bangladesh, World Vision provides a refuge for children trapped with their mothers in the sex-trade environment and weaves a safety net.
Crying for their country
©2013 Jon Warren/World Vision

Crying for their country

PHOTO ESSAY: Many of the 1 million Syrian refugee children escape their homeland with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Each has a story.
©2014 Joseph Mathenge/World Vision

WV staffer: 'South Sudan made me cry'

"I’ve been working in the world of humanitarian aid for about seven years now. ... I’ve always thought that I had a pretty tough skin. Until I went to South Sudan."
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    Even in communities where need is greatest, sponsorship provides a lifeline for thousands of children.
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    HUMANITARIAN CRISIS: World Vision disaster relief experts recommend you follow these unfolding emergencies right now.