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Thanksgiving: Celebrating abundant harvests around the world

World Vision is grateful to God for the good work He allows us to do as we serve among the poor. Here is a small collection of photos that express our thanksgiving to God.
  • 7 Hungry Places

    Around the globe, a quarter of children younger than 5 fail to grow because they do not have enough food to eat.
  • One year on: Typhoon Haiyan recovery

    One year after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the central Philippines, World Vision has assisted more than 1 million people with relief items and programs that support their physical and emotional recovery.
  • World wastes, loses one-third of food supply

    Each year about one-third of the world’s food intended for human consumption is wasted or lost, says the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). That’s nearly $1 trillion in food globally — uneaten. The USDA reports Americans waste 31 percent of the country’s available food supply, worth about $161.6 billion in 2010. That means we’re missing out on more than 1,200 calories per person per day.
  • World Toilet Day goes to school

    For World Toilet Day. Toilets and handwashing are important for children to have a safe and healthy experience at school. Learning good hygiene in school — and having the facilities to practice it — can help to raise living standards in developing countries.
  • Iraq: A grandmother pleads for winter help

    In recent weeks the number of displaced persons in Iraq has reached 1.9 million and counting. The United Nations says that nearly 1.3 million people will need shelter and 2.8 million people will need food assistance this winter in the nation.
  • Sierra Leone: 12-year-old girl orphaned by Ebola

    Twelve-year-old Aminata lost her parents and older sister to the Ebola virus. After six days in an isolation center, she was told she didn’t have Ebola. She praises God and thanks World Vision for aid, but worries about her future and that of others affected by the disease.