7 Hungry Places

A quarter of the world's children fail to grow because of malnutrition. View WV's work in places where hunger persists.

Photo by ©2010 Jon Warren/World Vision

Fighting Gangs' Consuming Fire

Gang warfare and high murder rates make El Salvador a perilous place to live. World Vision’s community development and child sponsorship programs not only provide a way out of poverty; they also promote youth-focused community programs that keep kids from being drawn into the red-hot cycle of violence.
  • Pray for unaccompanied children at US border

    Join World Vision in praying for children caught in the maelstrom at the southern U.S. border.
  • Rwanda: 20 years later

    In 1994, Rwanda was as ruined as any spot on earth after an implosion of violence killed 800,000 people in 100 days. How could the country ever overcome such hatred and horror?
  • World Vision, NASCAR team race for children

    PHOTOS: World Vision teamed up with Furniture Row Racing and NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. to help children and families in need. View photo gallery of the team.
  • Once a dust bowl, now a place of plenty

    The hunger crisis of 30 years ago is remembered but unlikely to repeat in Ethiopia’s Antsokia Valley, thanks to effective development work and community engagement.
Righting Wrongs for Romania's Children
©2013 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision

Righting wrongs for Romania's children

A quarter-century ago, images of emaciated children locked in Romania’s orphanages were broadcast around the world, crying out for a compassionate response. World Vision responded.
©2013 Jon Warren/World Vision

Children of the brothel

SPECIAL REPORT: In Bangladesh, World Vision provides a refuge for children trapped in the sex-trade environment and weaves a safety net.
Crying for their country
©2013 Jon Warren/World Vision

Crying for their country

PHOTO ESSAY: Many of the 1 million Syrian refugee children escape their homeland with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Each has a story.